Parties and Catering

Celebrate your special occasion safely at Chillato!  Choose from our menu of one-of-a-kind parties for a birthday or a gathering for a special event.  All our parties are private events that are booked before store hours, assuring a safe and spacious environment for your celebration.  We also deliver large party packages or serve up gelato at your chosen event space!


Big Mini Party

Suitable for 8 kids (5 yrs. and above), 1.5 hours

Kids will be thoroughly entertained in this immersive experience that includes gelato making and a behind-the-scenes tour of a gelato kitchen!

Dip and Drizzle Party

Suitable for 8-12 people (7 yrs. and above), 1.5 hours

Get your creative juices going by decorating custom pops and fresh waffle cones and cookies with an endless array of chocolate and toppings that you can dip and drizzle.

Chef-for-a-Day Party

Suitable for 8 people (9 yrs. and above), 2 hours

Celebrate by learning how to make gelato from scratch in this hands-on party.  Explore the science behind making gelato while making two flavors of the host’s choice.


Suitable for 8 people max., 1 hour

Sit and relax with your friends on a reserved table filled with all the ingredients and accessories you will need to make gelato sandwiches, or DIY sundaes, or have dipping fun with Chocolate Fondue!

Cool Box

Suitable for 30-50 people

Reserve our full service Cool Box for your party!  Choose two of your favorite gelato or sorbet flavors and we will bring it to you and serve it up.

Chillato Party-To-Go

Suitable for 30-50 people

Make dessert for your house party extra memorable with fresh gelato and waffle cones!  Chillato Party-To-Go package includes a minimum of four freshly packed quarts of your favorite flavors, fresh made waffle cones, toppings, cups, and spoons.  Our Party-To-Go can be picked up from our store or we can deliver directly to your house.

Custom Pops

Suitable for 30-50 people

Party favors will never be sweeter than Chillato pops.  Customize our pops to suit your party theme and colors.